Work-place injuries can befall any worker and some of the injuries can be serious,requiring continuous medical treatment. In some cases,worker may be rendered permanently disabled such that his or her future earning potential is affected a great deal. State or federal workers’ compensation law requires that employers carry a workers’ compensation insurance to cater for the medical costs of employees who are injured at work (-).

However,obtaining such benefits can be difficult,especially if your claim is disputed or denied. It is advisable to have a work comp lawyer to guide you through the process of appealing a denied work comp claim. According to the U.S Department of Labour,a significant number of work compensation claims are denied every year,leaving many claimants desperate and stressed. here are some of the reasons for a denied claim and the possible ways of appealing them with help from a -.

⦁ Procedural Errors: An injured worker may fail to go through all the reporting procedures or may submit an incomplete claim form. In this case,you need to contact your employer or insurer to know if crucial information was not supplied at the time of submitting the claim.

⦁ Dispute over whether there is a relationship between the injuries or the circumstances of the injury and the job. Here,you will need to have a highly skilled lawyer to put together all the evidence,reports and facts to demonstrate the existence of a causal relationship between your injuries and your job.

⦁ Failure to follow the instructions of the doctor. Sometimes workers do not follow the directives given to them by doctors hence weakening their their claims.

Regardless of the reason for denial,it is imperative to move with haste and safeguard your rights through an appeal.

Ordinarily,you will be notified within 14 days after filing your claim whether the claim has been approved or not. Where your claim is denied,you will be notified as to what caused the denial. You will be given a window to appeal the decision,a process that can be complicated to an average person.

Upon filing an appeal,a mediation conference will be scheduled in which you have the right to legal representation. The mediation conference may resolve the matter by offering you a settlement or may as well reject your appeal. Whether you do not accept the offer or agree with the decision to set aside the appeal,you have the chance to file your appeal before an administrative judge to hear your matter. Where the administrative judge does not render a decision that is desirable,you can present the appeal to be heard by at least three administrative judges.

A Competent Work Comp Lawyer is One-stop Solution to a Denied Claim

One of the best ways of winning an appeal is ensuring that you have an aggressive- who has the mastery of the matter beforehand. Such a lawyer will ensure that nothing is left to chance and that all options are explored to ensure the best outcome is realized.

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